Not Dead, Only Resting

“How are you today?” My plastic surgeon says, beaming his huge smile. “Yeah, OK I think,” I say. “Oh, I’m sorry – I forgot my device. Mum’s just signing in – there was a queue and…” “Don’t worry, Tanya, I’ve got a spare one,” the nurse says, reaching into the depths of her trolley and […]


The Big Sleep

A couple of messages from the Twitcher over the weekend but still no date arranged. Never mind. Can’t see him or anyone else now till after my operation. “Just put him out of your mind,” my brother says. “He’ll text you when he wants to see you but until then, just forget about him.” So […]

The Blue Lenses

“I’m having my cataract operation tomorrow,” Mum says on the phone. “Hope it goes well,” I say, trying not to think about the baby tiger who had his cataract operation on “Tigers About The House”. They fixed one eye but he went blind in the other eye and had to have it removed and replaced […]