Dances With Wolves*

“Are you nearly here?” I ask Arjen when I bump into him on Facebook messenger.  He is visiting from Amsterdam on Friday. “Hahaha just a couple of days waiting,” he says.  “Which tube station should I take?” He names the correct station. “Yes that’s right,” I say. Unlike MediaChap, Arjen will be able to use the GPS […]

Busy Monsters

No word from MediaChap since Saturday.  Hope he is OK.  Wonder if he is cross with me about something.  Perhaps he has found my blog or…I don’t know. “Hope you are OK?  Cuddle,” I message him on WhatsApp. “Hey, what’s up?  You at work?” He fires back. “Just some stuff.  Possible lymphodoema in arm, allergic […]

Tea For Two

“I couldn’t resist to your smile. Also you’re really sexy. Can I take you out for a tea?” The Tinder message flashes up. It’s from a bright young French thing, age 26. Not sure if am going to meet him yet, but the message makes me smile every time I look at it. The cutie. […]

Cupid’s Arrow

“Your blog and your dating efforts both need a shot in the jugular, I suggest you try a different site,” the email says. It’s from a faithful supporter of this blog. Of course, I take the opinions of my readers extremely seriously. Don’t want the blog to bore you. So, this morning, I download OK […]

The Wheels Of Chance

“Hey apologies for last night I must of sounded a complete idiot,” the message comes through this morning from new Bright Young Thing. Must Have, I think. Oh dear. “By any chance are you available next week instead. I have a deadline on Sunday and fear I may have to work at the weekend. Thought […]

The Fountainhead

“What are you up to tonight?” The What’sApp message flashes across my screen. It’s from my new Bright Young Thing, the 26 year old architect. Me: Watching “Six Puppies And Us.” New programme about how to bring up a puppy. You? BYT: Viewing properties in South and High Kensington. Me: To rent or buy? BYT: […]

Salad Days

A New Year means a New Bright Young Thing. Have been making a strenuous effort not to plump for lots of chaps in their mid-twenties, but this one seems too good to miss. 6 ft 4 tall, twenty-six years old, an architect and adorably outdoorsy in his photos. Swiping left, almost immediately we match and […]

Lovers And Players?

“Afternoon Tanya, how’s the festive season treating you?” The Tinder message flashes up. It’s from a Bright Young Thing – a blond twenty-six year old barrister. We were in touch over the summer: he last made contact in August then disappeared. Probably been dating a lithe young creature. “It’s a reverse-fat-camp round here. Being force-fed. […]

The Night Of The Iguana

“I trust all is well on the other side of the North Sea,” Arjen messages. “It’s not too bad,” I reply. “Just recuperating from another operation. Feel sad about lack of invite to the Galapagos though.” “It was a family trip ten years in the making. Cost my brother and me an arm and a […]

Queen’s Gambit

“You like Magnus Carlsen, nice!” The Tinder message flashes across my screen. It’s from a new Bright Young Thing, age 31, so not even very young. He’s got brown hair and blue eyes. Good cheekbones. “I do,” I reply. “The red dress in your picture is very nice. Do you play chess?” He says. Ah. […]