Born Free*

“Hello,” I say answering the parental house phone last night. “Hello, my lovely,” Seb says. “My darling,” I say, carrying the phone up to the parental bedroom so can talk to him in private.  The house phone doesn’t work in my bedroom here. “How are you?” Seb says. “Oh, OK.  Mustn’t grumble,” I say, sitting […]

A Kiss Before Dying

Things I love about Seb: 1. He’s always appreciative of any effort I make. He pronounced the Mexican Feast “wonderful”. 2. He’s easy to please – see above, and notices what I’m wearing etc. 3. He’s happy just to lie in the nest watching hours and hours of television. 4. He is completely beautiful – […]

Wild At Heart

“Helllllooo Tanya,” Seb’s voice drawls in my voicemail. “I’ve just dropped some assignments off at college and…” Hitting ‘3’ to save the message – I love to listen to his voice again and again – I call back. “Helloooo,” he says, answering the phone. He sounds happy to hear from me. “Hi,” I say. “Sorry: […]