The Hard Problem

On way to see the new Stoppard play carrying my can’t-you-take-anything-out-of-that-is-there-a-body-in-there weekend bag. Or, more accurately, Mum’s bag. It’s covered in birds and filled with…don’t even know. Dresses, jeans, top, tights, sleepwear, phone charger, gym kit – in case there’s a gym at the hotel, trainers, wig, contact lenses. All the paraphernalia that one needs […]

4.50 From Paddington. Again…*

“How are you?” The Whatsapp message from MediaChap buzzes as I switch on my phone this morning. “Am not being annoying on purpose but please let me know when you hear about hotel so can book train ticket,” I reply. Both the parentals have been pointing out that train ticket prices double every five seconds. […]

Silence Of The Grave

5.55pm. Back at the gym, on the bike, staring out of the window at the black sky. Couldn’t sleep earlier so may as well read and write here, where I’m not alone. Had a training session this morning and so this extra gym visit is more to get myself out of the house and occupied […]

The Clocks

“Hi,” the WhatsApp message dances across my screen. It’s from NewChap – the one from Richmond. Our second date is tonight. “Massively busy at work so need to postpone tonight. The rest of the week looks no better, can we do next week?” Looking at the time on my phone, I see that it’s 5pm […]

New Year’s Day

“Happy New Year. How were the cats?” The What’sApp message from HorseBoy appears when I switch on my phone this morning. He sent it at 00.14, which means that just after midnight he was thinking of me. Which is good. “Happy New Year! Had fun. You?” I reply. “So far THIS year have been cycling […]