A French Kiss With Death*

“When you wake up, let me know.  You should have a bath, Mum xx.”  Mum’s message comes through when I turn my phone on at 4.58pm today, after a failed attempt at an afternoon sleep.  The parental room has a bath whereas my one doesn’t.   Am going to disobey my mother and write this […]


The Holiday Murders*

The parentals seem happy and relaxed, reading their books by the pool.  Is nice to see them smiling.  Being on holiday is good for them.  So, am going to make a list of how-to-make-their-lives-more-like-a-holiday which will implement on our return. 1.  Find more sunshine.  Or, failing that, purchase a couple of those light boxes for […]

The Hound Of The Baskervilles*

“Darling I think we need to stop the car,” I say.  Seb is driving us to his Mum’s and there is a Rhodesian Ridgeback just wandering along the road: a gigantic orange hound with that black ridge along his spine. “His owner is probably just behind him,” Seb says. Looking down the road, there’s a […]