Let The Dark Flower Blossom*

“Hey, I haven’t seen you for ages, how are you?” Heather says.  My Spin Cycling instructor, my favourite gym instructor.  And, also, the one I never see these days as her class is the 9.15am Monday morning Spin.  And, most weeks, am at my Office on a Monday morning at that time. “Well the cancer […]

Two Wheels*

“Do you work here?” I ask the heavily tattooed but otherwise cute young chap fiddling with his smartphone in the gym.  He looks up. “Yeah,” he says.  That’s quite a tan he’s got: deep caramel. His hair is blond and brown spikes. “Plenty of machines here,” I say.  “Which is great.  Shame there’s no bikes […]

A Taste For Death

Gazing out of the huge gym window, I see that the sun is setting. It’s been a beautiful day – clear blue sky, sunshine. Unfortunately I’ve spent most of it vomiting, resting, watching television and crying. “You’re going to lose your job,” the panther says. He’s draped across the exercise bike next to mine. “I’m […]