A Valentine Story*

“Any plans for the evening of 6th March?” The Facebook message says. It’s from Arjen in Amsterdam. Haven’t seen him since 18th October, just before my implant removal operation. “Don’t think so?” I reply. “Still have to show you my Galapagos pics,” Arjen says. “Yay! Are you coming to see me?” I say, and add […]

In Bruges

Have a Date tonight: first one for a couple of weeks. Am nervous as he looks absolutely gorgeous in his photos. He’s half-Belgian/half-Danish: lots of shaggy brown hair, great cheekbones, wide mouth with naughty grin, hazel eyes. He’s not a Bright Young Thing either: this one is forty. A man of Experience. Works in telecoms […]

Shot At Dawn

MediaChap: I’m so up for a gentle time, you should have no fear of me x If you like we can get a table near the bar so people can keep a keen eye on me and make sure we behave ourselves. *Tanya wonders who are these people and what sort of misbehaviour MediaChap would […]

Ashes To Ashes

“If I go right now, I can stare at that chap again for a bit,” I say to Katerina after I’ve signed for my personal training session in the trainers’ office. “Go for it,” she says, smiling. The Israeli chap, that is: tanned, long blond hair, green eyes, big arm muscles. Have seen him a […]

A Coat

“Do you like my new coat?” Mum says, holding the coat of my dreams in front of her. It is black, flares out from the waist, a bit puffy. Its best feature is the enormous furry hood. The thing is: Mum doesn’t even like coats. She never wears one if she can help it – […]

Big Girls Don’t Cry

“Hey how are you? I know this might sound a bit weird to say but I wonder if you know or if any of your friends is a large girl,” the Tinder message begins. “Please don’t think I am trying to be offensive or anything…it’s just a preference like any others and it seems really […]

Salad Days

A New Year means a New Bright Young Thing. Have been making a strenuous effort not to plump for lots of chaps in their mid-twenties, but this one seems too good to miss. 6 ft 4 tall, twenty-six years old, an architect and adorably outdoorsy in his photos. Swiping left, almost immediately we match and […]

Our Day Out

“You know, we’ve been coming here for nearly thirty years,” Mum says. We’re at a pizza restaurant round the corner from the museums, sitting outside in December because it’s not too cold as long as we keep our coats on. It’s our Family Day Out: all four of us. “When I used to bring you […]