The Anniversary Man*

“I got you a little something, for our anniversary and Valentine’s Day,” I say to Seb when he calls yesterday. “When’s Valentine’s Day?” Seb says. “February 14th,” I say.  Surely he ought to know this, but then again maybe it’s a good sign that he doesn’t: it means he hasn’t been wining and dining a […]


Gone With The Wind*

“Is that the toast coming up, already?” Mum says, sitting on the arm of the chair, peering into my sick bucket. 11.15 am.  Gone With The Wind Has been playing for forty five minutes or so.  Atlanta is burning.  Am on all fours in front of the television, vomiting into the mop bucket. “Yes,” I […]

When The Temperature Rises*

The flat phone rings at 4.38pm. “Hello,” I say. “Hello my lovely,” Seb says. “How did you know I was here?” I say.  “It’s Monday.  I ought to be at the office.  I mean – I was at the office but I came home because I’ve got a temperature and…” “Oh yes,” Seb says.  “I […]

Flesh Wounds*

“Ouch,” I howl, bursting into tears.  My underarm burns with pain. “Oh I’m so sorry,” the doctor says.  “I didn’t realise that you’d just shaved your underarm till I’d already wiped the alcohol all over it.”     “Here,” the nurse says, handing me a wet tissue.     Wiping it off, I try to […]

A Taste For Death

Gazing out of the huge gym window, I see that the sun is setting. It’s been a beautiful day – clear blue sky, sunshine. Unfortunately I’ve spent most of it vomiting, resting, watching television and crying. “You’re going to lose your job,” the panther says. He’s draped across the exercise bike next to mine. “I’m […]

A Slight Ache

Writing this from bed. Not sure whether it is the antibiotics, this cold or a combination of the two making me too tired to do anything other than lie down. Have a scratchy throat and an earache too. My arms are sore from training earlier in the week. Am attempting to work up the energy […]