Relationships Can Be Murder*

“Seb, you’d better get up and get on with this,” Seb’s Mum’s voice assaults my ears at some early hour this morning.  “Yes mother,” Seb calls out into the corridor.  “OK, Tanya,” he says, turning to me.  “You stay here and rest, I’m going back to the flat to finish packing up.  Then I’ll come […]

That Awful Mess On The Via Merulana*

“I’m sorry darling,” I say to Seb, as we’re sitting up in bed this morning drinking coffee.  “I have to get out of here.  Mess and disorder has a bad effect on my mental state and…” “No, I’m sorry,” Seb says.  “I was hoping to have packed everything by now it’s just…you know how it […]

Downward-Facing Death*

Can do some stuff to stop mood getting any more elevated: 1.  Keep away from the Internet – hence why am only just writing this now.  Technology is not my friend at the moment, sadly.  Can’t work things.  2.  Rest. 3.  Keep away from shops, restaurants and public transport.  Am cancelling all my plans up […]

The Day Of The Jackal*

“Your bedroom ceiling just fell down,” Mum says in a tone of great excitement.  “There was a crash and debris everywhere and lots of snails and…do you want to have a look?” “Yes, OK,” I say. Opening my bedroom door, I gasp in horror: there’s an enormous hole in the ceiling, just above my pillow. […]


“So, Tanya, how has your mood been?” Dr Stein my psychiatrist says – pen poised over my notes. “Well, actually I think it’s lifted a bit,” I say. “You certainly seem a bit brighter,” he says. He’s wearing a cashmere sweater – the same bright blue as his eyes. “Maybe the tramadol is lifting my […]