The Next Right Thing*

Wednesday morning’s activities: 1.  Gym: kettlebell swings, lat pulldowns, chest weights, triceps and biceps, chest dumbells on ball, exercise bike. 2.  Three course breakfast: Shakshuka, salads, watermelon. 3.  Move some of the more-nearly-dry pairs of pants from the washing line above the bath to the sunny windowsill, so the wetter pairs can spread out a […]


Turning the kettlebell upside down, pulling it into my chest, I do twenty squats.  It hurts.  Have to touch my knees with my elbows or the squat isn’t deep enough.  Katerina isn’t here watching me, but in my mind’s eye she’s there, saying “that’s not deep enough, get closer to the floor.” Really, the amount […]

Silence Of The Grave

5.55pm. Back at the gym, on the bike, staring out of the window at the black sky. Couldn’t sleep earlier so may as well read and write here, where I’m not alone. Had a training session this morning and so this extra gym visit is more to get myself out of the house and occupied […]

A Party To Murder

“Are you going to that party tomorrow night?” I ask Lily. We’re huddled under a furry blanket on the parental sofa. “Yeah, maybe,” Lily says, stroking her tummy. “Thought I’d see how I feel tomorrow and…” “I reckon we should go,” I say. “It’s in a nice pub that we like and you never know: […]

Working Girl

Huddled under my furry blanket on the parental sofa, sipping my coffee. In the kitchen, Mum is making dinner. The radio is on. The Twitcher has sent a few messages since our date and I’ve replied to them, but the text banter has lost its lustre. He hasn’t forgotten me, so that’s something. Just want […]