Sleepy Hollow*

“Hmmmm it’s a shame,” the doctor says, frowning, as he looks at my new mastectomy scar.  “It’s healed up well, apart from those corners.” The ends of the scar are red, raised and oozing pus. “So, I know it’s not terrible,” I say. “But I don’t see the plastic surgeon and the nurses till  Wednesday, […]

Crying At The Discotheque

“I just don’t understand why I’m still so fat,” I say to Katerina. We’re by the TRX machine: it has handles hanging on ropes from a horizontal bar. “You’re not,” she says. “You look great.” “I’ve put on a stone since starting the cancer treatment,” I say. “And I’ve been doing personal training twice a […]

Brief Encounter

“Do you know that chap over there?” I ask my trainer Katerina. She follows my gaze over to the lat pull-down machine. The chap is wearing a loose white t-shirt and his tanned, sculpted arms look just great. He’s got lots of dirty blond shaggy hair and green eyes. “Not really,” she says. “He’s here […]