After Darwin

If only the chaps could see me now. This is what am wearing: 1. Hospital pants: knitted, white and enormous 2. Post-operation socks: to prevent thrombosis – white, knee-high, hole underneath toes 3. Black secret-support top 4. Drain tube dangling from right side Arjen has gone to the Galapagos without me. His Facebook page is […]

Something In The Way

“That’s enough water,” Mum says, turning the bath taps off. I’m sitting in the bath and the drain bottle is on the floor. The water covers my thighs but the dressings are all down my right side and mustn’t get wet. Turning over, I lie on my left side and feel the warm water wash […]

The End Of The Affair

“Hello sweetie,” Mum says when I pick up the phone. “Hi Mum,” I say. “So I’ve found someone to operate on my finger and guess who it is? It’s your plastic surgeon,” Mum says, sounding so pleased with herself. “But he’s my one,” I say, feeling sad. “Why can’t you have someone different?” “I knew […]

Some Hope?

“Let’s have a look, shall we?” My plastic surgeon says. He pulls the blue plastic curtain around us. Slipping my top off, I look down at the flat right side of my chest. It’s healed up beautifully. “That looks good,” he says. “It’s healed very well. What did your oncologist say?” “He says that it’s […]