Murder On Black Friday*

Friday Favourites (sorry to copy you Hannah Gale 1.  Cuddling the Keeshond in the attached photo on his sofa. 2.  Whilst watching House Of Cards.  At last.  It’s good. 3.  Walking with this fluffy person in the woods and meeting his friend, a Finnish Lapphund:   4.  Partaking of mulled wine with Mr Fluffball in […]

Murder Grins And Bears It*

At the pub that I used to frequent on my dates last year.  Waiting for a couple of friends.  Over there are a wolf and a Labrador.  They are leaving, so my friends may miss seeing the wolf.  Which is a shame. It’s still hot and dry.  We could be in Egypt. Must think of […]

The Stud

“So, at the guide dog centre, they’re showing us around,” MediaChap says. “They bring one of the studs out to meet us. And he’s a gorgeous big yellow Labrador but he’s in a bad mood: usually when he comes out of his room it’s to mate, and now he’s got to meet a whole lot […]

Shot At Dawn

MediaChap: I’m so up for a gentle time, you should have no fear of me x If you like we can get a table near the bar so people can keep a keen eye on me and make sure we behave ourselves. *Tanya wonders who are these people and what sort of misbehaviour MediaChap would […]

Hangover Square

“So, I’m off home to Norway tomorrow to look after my grandmother,” TechBoy says. We’re sitting on a sofa in the pub, drinking gin and slimline tonic (me) and lager (him). “How old is grandmother?” I ask. He’s my age – thirty five – so she must be getting on a bit, I think. “She’s […]

Tinder Surprise!

It’s Sunday afternoon. Back to office tomorrow and there are Household Tasks that need performing: hanging up the washing; washing up my lunch utensils; struggling through a bath. However, I’m not going to do them. After a good couple of hours today on Tinder, have achieved a Date this evening. He’s 35, Norwegian, 6ft 2, […]

A Party To Murder

“Are you going to that party tomorrow night?” I ask Lily. We’re huddled under a furry blanket on the parental sofa. “Yeah, maybe,” Lily says, stroking her tummy. “Thought I’d see how I feel tomorrow and…” “I reckon we should go,” I say. “It’s in a nice pub that we like and you never know: […]

Spinning Around

Have a date: not with a boy but with the hospital. Expander insertion operation scheduled for Tuesday next week. Am relieved that something is happening before Christmas anyway – even if this is just a precursor to the implant itself. Messaging continues with the Twitcher but no date has been arranged yet. Hope he hasn’t […]

Another Country

Another evening, another chap. Same venue – my pub. With all the new blocks of flats going up in the area, we really need more than one pub. The one in my road closed about a year after I moved in and now is about to be turned into flats, like everything else. Anyway – […]