The Hound Of The Baskervilles*

“Am setting off now,” Seb’s message comes through at 3.11pm today.  “Are you up to a Restaurant?” “Think so!”  I say.  “You?”  Have just this minute arrived home from the hospital and am settling under my furry blanket.   “I am,” Seb replies.  “Only if you’re up to it though.  See what your parents think.” […]


The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax

“Wow, you’re beautiful,” the random chap says as we walk down the street. He beckons to his friend. “Look at her: she’s so beautiful.” Smiling at them with the expression of someone-who-doesn’t-speak-English, I keep walking to the bus stop. Am pleased though: have made an effort and my Look has come together: the leopard-print dress […]

The Adventure Of The Blue Carbuncle

It’s exhausting – this dating lark. And, of course, until one suddenly lands a boyfriend and can retire for a bit, it’s rejection, rejection, rejection all the way. Whilst I’m having a bit of a rest – can’t call it a breather as can’t really breathe due to the Cold-Of-Doom – will make a list […]