Clubbed To Death

No word from MediaChap since Saturday night and I can see that my WhatsApp message yesterday hasn’t been delivered. Maybe he has broken or even lost his phone. Or been kidnapped by aliens. It’s strange to think that in this day and age, where one can be connected to someone on so many different devices […]

How’s The Pain?

Current Physical Complaints: 1. Upper back pain – probably from sitting at office computer for two solid days: there’s a reason why I don’t go to work too often. 2. Headache – presumably from staring at screen for two days. See above. 3. Aching in thighs – from working legs in training, therefore good pain […]

Dressed To Kill

Before leaving the house for tonight’s date with MediaChap, need to: 1. Have bath and even wash hair. 2. Clean contact lenses: am one of the last people in the world who still wears gas-permeable lenses. Can’t just open a packet and take out some new lenses: have to mess about with two different solutions […]

In Bruges

Have a Date tonight: first one for a couple of weeks. Am nervous as he looks absolutely gorgeous in his photos. He’s half-Belgian/half-Danish: lots of shaggy brown hair, great cheekbones, wide mouth with naughty grin, hazel eyes. He’s not a Bright Young Thing either: this one is forty. A man of Experience. Works in telecoms […]

Shot At Dawn

MediaChap: I’m so up for a gentle time, you should have no fear of me x If you like we can get a table near the bar so people can keep a keen eye on me and make sure we behave ourselves. *Tanya wonders who are these people and what sort of misbehaviour MediaChap would […]

Remember Me?

“Happy New Year. Have a wonderful 2015,” the WhatsApp message streaks across my screen. It’s from the Twitcher. Remember him from last November – we had a couple of dates and then he made noises about meeting again but disappeared. “It’s been a manic start, but the best things at work often come fast and […]

A Coat

“Do you like my new coat?” Mum says, holding the coat of my dreams in front of her. It is black, flares out from the waist, a bit puffy. Its best feature is the enormous furry hood. The thing is: Mum doesn’t even like coats. She never wears one if she can help it – […]

Salad Days

A New Year means a New Bright Young Thing. Have been making a strenuous effort not to plump for lots of chaps in their mid-twenties, but this one seems too good to miss. 6 ft 4 tall, twenty-six years old, an architect and adorably outdoorsy in his photos. Swiping left, almost immediately we match and […]

The Big Sleep

A couple of messages from the Twitcher over the weekend but still no date arranged. Never mind. Can’t see him or anyone else now till after my operation. “Just put him out of your mind,” my brother says. “He’ll text you when he wants to see you but until then, just forget about him.” So […]

The Dancing Men

The Twitcher is in Eastbourne for the weekend so I definitely won’t see him before my operation on Tuesday. “Hope you’re not really worrying about next Twitcher date? If he weren’t interested he wouldn’t message everyday,” Lucy texts to reassure me. “So why no date?” I ask her. “You just were on a date last […]