Killing Hope*

Royal baby is on the way.  As I write this, Kate is in labour.  Am on my bike at the gym, watching the Royal experts and so on.  The labour is “progressing normally”.   The world’s press are gathered outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington.  Can’t hear what anyone is saying as […]


The Murderous Loo

Tired.  Exhausted.  Didn’t have a late night or maybe did a bit – was packing black Vivienne Westwood dress to wear for the party and birthday present for my chum.  Now have to meet a friend for lunch: lets see how much can write in the ten minutes before she arrives… Things to talk about at […]

Tinder Surprise!

It’s Sunday afternoon. Back to office tomorrow and there are Household Tasks that need performing: hanging up the washing; washing up my lunch utensils; struggling through a bath. However, I’m not going to do them. After a good couple of hours today on Tinder, have achieved a Date this evening. He’s 35, Norwegian, 6ft 2, […]