Shot At Dawn

MediaChap: I’m so up for a gentle time, you should have no fear of me x If you like we can get a table near the bar so people can keep a keen eye on me and make sure we behave ourselves. *Tanya wonders who are these people and what sort of misbehaviour MediaChap would […]

Puppy Love

“Puppy power,” the WhatsApp message arrives. It’s from MediaChap. Opening it, I see a basket of golden Labrador puppies. “Puppy love,” the next message says and a puppy is pushing a wet nose towards me. “Ahhhh puppies. What do you do with them?” I say. “Hug them and look after them,” MediaChap replies. “Where are […]

The Clocks

“Hi,” the WhatsApp message dances across my screen. It’s from NewChap – the one from Richmond. Our second date is tonight. “Massively busy at work so need to postpone tonight. The rest of the week looks no better, can we do next week?” Looking at the time on my phone, I see that it’s 5pm […]

Remember Me?

“Happy New Year. Have a wonderful 2015,” the WhatsApp message streaks across my screen. It’s from the Twitcher. Remember him from last November – we had a couple of dates and then he made noises about meeting again but disappeared. “It’s been a manic start, but the best things at work often come fast and […]

The Wheels Of Chance

“Hey apologies for last night I must of sounded a complete idiot,” the message comes through this morning from new Bright Young Thing. Must Have, I think. Oh dear. “By any chance are you available next week instead. I have a deadline on Sunday and fear I may have to work at the weekend. Thought […]

Puss In Boots

Still nothing from HorseBoy. He still hasn’t read my message replying to his question about meeting up. Either: 1. He lost his phone on New Year’s Eve. 2. He doesn’t want to meet again before Tuesday and has changed his mind and that’s why he hasn’t read my message – he can see that I’ve […]

New Year’s Day

“Happy New Year. How were the cats?” The What’sApp message from HorseBoy appears when I switch on my phone this morning. He sent it at 00.14, which means that just after midnight he was thinking of me. Which is good. “Happy New Year! Had fun. You?” I reply. “So far THIS year have been cycling […]

Farewell, My Lovely

“Enjoy the festivities. Absolutely loads of work and then a stressful family Christmas.” The What’sApp message appears this morning when I switch my phone on. It’s from the Twitcher, who’s been out of touch for a week or so. “Have had enough and am going to take a few weeks out from life in general […]

Lovers And Players?

“Afternoon Tanya, how’s the festive season treating you?” The Tinder message flashes up. It’s from a Bright Young Thing – a blond twenty-six year old barrister. We were in touch over the summer: he last made contact in August then disappeared. Probably been dating a lithe young creature. “It’s a reverse-fat-camp round here. Being force-fed. […]

The Big Sleep

A couple of messages from the Twitcher over the weekend but still no date arranged. Never mind. Can’t see him or anyone else now till after my operation. “Just put him out of your mind,” my brother says. “He’ll text you when he wants to see you but until then, just forget about him.” So […]