A Valentine Story*

“Any plans for the evening of 6th March?” The Facebook message says. It’s from Arjen in Amsterdam. Haven’t seen him since 18th October, just before my implant removal operation.
“Don’t think so?” I reply.
“Still have to show you my Galapagos pics,” Arjen says.
“Yay! Are you coming to see me?” I say, and add a heart-eyes emoji.
“Possibly,” Arjen says. “Can I stay at your place again?”
“Of course!” I say.

So, have something nice to look forward to. Am also doing a silk painting course that day. Maybe can decorate some pants. For me. Obviously. Am not buying silk pants for Arjen and painting them. That would be ridiculous. He’ll probably want an Ewok on them: he has a little one that dangles from his rucksack. Actually, come to think of it, silk pants emblazoned with an Ewok is too good an opportunity to miss…
Google “Ewok pants” to see if my brilliant idea is already on the market. Can’t see any, but there are sexy Ewok girl outfits and costumes for small dogs. Have attempted to add a photo of the girl costume for your viewing pleasure. Maybe will purchase one to surprise Arjen with. Is warm and furry and has lovely ears. Wonder what a girl Ewok is called: a bitch maybe or a doe…

*”A Valentine Story” is the title of a Star Wars adventure, for those of you who don’t know.

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