Dear Zoo*

So: my Zoo is my happy place.  Or one of them.  And today was my first time in the Lemur Walk Through exhibit which opened a mere two weeks ago.

“You’re not allowed to touch the lemurs,” the pretty, young keeper says.  Her waist-length, dark curly hair reminds me of my hair, when it was long.

But then a lemur squeezes past me on his way to his lunch and his soft silver fur touches my arm.  He’s as soft as the fluffy monster and has an even better tail.

“I like this new fashion for spaces where we go in with the animals,” my brother says.  He hasn’t been to the zoo for a while.



We have an excellent day at the zoo in the sunshine.  Arrive home, exhausted, at about four o’clock.  A message comes through, from Seb.

“Are you free tomorrow night?  I could drive up after college,” he says.

“Yes, of course,” I say.  Nothing can stop me seeing my boy.  Nothing.  Have missed him sooooo much.

“Great, I’ll call tomorrow when I have a better sense of arrival time.  Should be around 6 xxx.”  He says.

“Yay!  Can’t wait to see you xxx,” I say.

He ought to be here by midnight I reckon.  Have lots of vegetables from the market: the first English asparagus, purple sprouting broccoli, a Romanesco cauliflower.  Will cook him something amazing.  Or, realistically, will put those vegetables in an omelette.

Happy Thursday evening everyone.  Going to bed in a minute: it’s exhausting traipsing round the zoo all day…

*1982.  By Rod Campbell.  Children’s book.  A classic.


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