The Documents In The Case*

“I’m calling you from outside the gym,” Seb says, when he calls at 8.30pm last night.

“Ah, well done for going,” I say.  “What’s all that noise in the background?”

“Well, I haven’t actually been in,” he says.  “Have just arrived here and it’s closed.  So I’m walking home and it’s windy.”

“That’s a shame,” I say.  As we know, Seb is not very good at timing or finding out when places are open.  It’s worth checking whether or not a gym is going to be open on a Sunday night before making the journey there, but am not going to comment on this.  “What did you get up to today?” I say.

“Well, I made it to low tide to have a look at the limpets in the rock pools,” he says.  “And I’ve got some waterproof clothes now and…”

“Excellent,” I say.

“So, I’ll be with you on Friday evening,” he says.

“Can’t wait, my darling,” I say.  “Shall we see if Macbeth is on at any of my local cinemas on Saturday?”

“Oh, yes, that would be brilliant,” Seb says.  “Can’t wait to see you, my lovely.”

“Oooohhhh look,” I say, as I scroll through the cinema listings on my phone.  “It’s on, on Saturday, at my local cinema.  Shall I get some tickets?”

“Wonderful,” Seb says.  “It didn’t look like we were going to be able to see this film together but I’m so glad we can.  Sweet dreams my lovely.  I love you.”

“I love you, darling,” I say.

So, on Saturday we’re going to see the new Michael Fassbender film of Macbeth.  Seb ought to be arriving Friday night, so he’ll definitely be there by Saturday night, I hope.  We’ve been excited about this film for months…

Attached photo is of some beautiful mushrooms in the parental front garden.

Am at the Office and there is Important Work waiting…

Happy Monday everyone!

*1930.  By Dorothy L. Sayers.  Epistolary detective novel.  Mushrooms are involved.

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