The Hound Of The Baskervilles*

“I’m going back online to meet someone,” I say to Mum.  We’re just about to set off to see my psychiatrist.

“But darling,” Mum says.  “What about Seb?”

“A dog,” I say.  “There’s a website where you can meet dogs.  To be friends with and…”

“But what if you injure them or break something in their house or…I don’t like the sound of this,” Mum says.

“I’ve spoken to MadFatRunner about this,” I say.  “It’s all fine and…”

“What if the owner murders you,” Mum says.  “You’re only allowed to meet ones with female owners.  The male owners are bound to be serial killers and…”

“It’s not dodgy,” I say.  “It’s part of this sharing economy thing.  I’ve already messaged someone.  Look at him.”  

Finding his profile on my phone, I pass it to Mum.  He’s a Keeshond and he looks like this one: 

“He’s gorgeous,” Mum says.  “But it says he’s three miles away from you.  That’s too far.  You need to find one who lives very close to you, so you can walk there.”

So, am messaging the ones who live under a mile from the flat.  It will be so exciting to have a new canine friend for walks and cuddles.

Attached photo is from my weekend with Seb.  Miss my boyfriend.  This dog dating will cheer me up.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*1902.  By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  Detective novel starring Sherlock Holmes, Dr Watson and a gigantic hound…


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