The Wheels Of Chance

A year ago today…

Scars, Tears and Training Bras

“Hey apologies for last night I must of sounded a complete idiot,” the message comes through this morning from new Bright Young Thing. Must Have, I think. Oh dear. “By any chance are you available next week instead. I have a deadline on Sunday and fear I may have to work at the weekend. Thought I would ask as I don’t want to muck you around. Sorry. 😦 . Or Sunday if you are free.”
“Yes, Sunday is great,” I reply. “Trainer 12 – 1 but free after that. You sounded lovely ;). What time is deadline? Next week also fine.”
Nothing back from him yet. And, really, it is not great to cancel the first date when he’s been banging on and on about how amazing I am. A blogging friend on here has said that he just doesn’t meet chaps who cancel the first date anymore, as…

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