The Murder At The Vicarage

“Do you think the blog has become boring?” I ask Mum.
Mum looks up from The Times crossword. She is wearing periwinkle blue eyeshadow. “Not at all darling, but you give some of these chaps the most terrific build-up, and then they just disappear, never to be seen again.”
“That’s not my fault,” I say.
“I know, darling,” Mum says, putting her arms round me. “I know you’re trying your best.”

So: there are some dates in the pipeline later in the week, but I’m not going to tell you about these chaps and get you all excited about them just yet. Just in case they cancel.

Whilst am waiting for more dates, have made some tiny improvements to my physical self:
1. Eyelash tint – blue/black
2. New Minx foil wraps on toes: black with silver hologram stars
3. Have washed my wig and it looks and feels curlier and softer

In exciting news: have found a place where all the episodes of Marple live on the Sky box. So have downloaded “The Murder At The Vicarage” to watch later. It’s the only one that haven’t seen recently.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

6 thoughts on “The Murder At The Vicarage

  1. For the record, I find your blog anything but boring. It hadn’t even occurred to me that some of the dates don’t happen. I think of each post as vignette. Also, it’s your blog, you write whatever you want and however you want to (but please do keep writing).


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