Ashes To Ashes

“If I go right now, I can stare at that chap again for a bit,” I say to Katerina after I’ve signed for my personal training session in the trainers’ office.
“Go for it,” she says, smiling.
The Israeli chap, that is: tanned, long blond hair, green eyes, big arm muscles. Have seen him a few times before here and now he’s back.

Striding through the gym, I spot him. He’s stretching. Approaching him, I take a deep breath.
“Hi,” I say. “I’ve seen you around. Obviously.”
He looks at me with a mixture of amusement, confusion and fear.
“Hi,” he says. His eyes are very green. But he doesn’t sound Israeli. He sounds English – from Stanmore, or Edgware I’d say.
“I’m Tanya,” I say.
“Joshua,” he says. He must be of my faith, I think.
“I just wanted to say hello,” I say, “and…um…”
“Hello,” he says. “Did you have a good New Year?”
The girl next to us sniggers. Oh dear, this is not going well.
“Yes, it was good,” I say. He’s not interested, I think. I’m wearing a lurid pink gym top, old black shorts, navy dinosaur socks, purple trainers, glasses, hair in upstairs-downstairs ponytails. The attire, and, it must be said, behaviour of someone who is not mentally normal.
“Nice to meet you,” Joshua says, turning back to his gym routine. Sucking the end of my water bottle, I walk off.

So much for approaching someone in Real Life. Still: am awarding self a medal for having-a-go. Is lucky that don’t get embarrassed!

Anyway – I have a date this evening with someone else.

Wish me luck?

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