The Murderous Loo

Tired.  Exhausted.  Didn’t have a late night or maybe did a bit – was packing black Vivienne Westwood dress to wear for the party and birthday present for my chum.  Now have to meet a friend for lunch: lets see how much can write in the ten minutes before she arrives…

Things to talk about at the party:

1.  The fluffy monster – with photographic slides showing his first eighteen months.

2.  Trip to The Zoo last week – there will be people there with whom have attended a Zoo event.

3.  The Lyndall Gordon talk – there will be South African people there and she grew up in Cape Town .  Maybe they know her/ know of her.

4.   Can ask people about…whatever they are doing etc.  They’re bound to bang on about their husbands/ careers/ sprogs without pausing for breath anyway.

5.  How long it took to get there/ what route used/ how going to return home.

6.  Isn’t the flat nice – is friend’s new flat so that will be exciting.


Things Not To talk About:

1.  My mental disorder.

2.  My physical disorders.

3.  If someone says ‘How are you?’ must resist temptation to reply ‘A bit terminally ill’, amusing as it often seems to self at the time.  Actually: will say whatever feel like.  May not have the chance to coin many witty epigrams (if that is an epigram).  If not, am sure someone will comment to this effect…

Somehow my chum survived the Bathroom-Of-Doom…




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