The Fountainhead

“What are you up to tonight?” The What’sApp message flashes across my screen. It’s from my new Bright Young Thing, the 26 year old architect.
Me: Watching “Six Puppies And Us.” New programme about how to bring up a puppy. You?
BYT: Viewing properties in South and High Kensington.
Me: To rent or buy?
BYT: Rent.
Me: BBC2 puppies look!
BYT: Just looked and I don’t have signal. How rubbish.
Me: Do you have dogs at the parental home?
*BYT sends photo of gorgeous hound. Possibly Weimaraner or Vizsla – can’t tell due to darkness of photo*
BYT: My dog, Angus
Me: He is gorgeous
BYT: Like his owner 😉
Me: Absolutely
BYT: I really like you. You’re amazing. I liked you because of your amazing body. Now I have found out that you’re interesting as well.
Me: Thank you
BYT: Can you send me a cute pic?
*Tanya sends a baby photo of the fluffy monster*
BYT: Of you. Silly.
*Tanya sends the red-velvet-dress-in-front-of-mirror photo*
BYT: Wow! Send more?
Me: You will have to wait…

*The chat continues*

BYT: Do we have to book on Saturday?
Me: If you want to eat there.
BYT: Do you just want to drink the first time?
Me: Well, will need to eat. But don’t have to eat there [the pub].
BYT: To be honest, I am in your hands and will do anything you want.

Ah that’s what I like to hear! If he is still like this after we’ve met, that will be excellent. Hope he likes my actual self. There is no way of telling whether he will or not. Wonder if will like him, of whether he will just seem Too Young.
Wish he, or they, wouldn’t say “you have an amazing body” though. Due to all the crime fiction I read and watch, I can’t help associating the word “body” with a corpse. The-body-in-the-library. The-body-has-marks-around-the-throat-indicating-strangulation and so on.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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