Death By Artichoke*

Walking home, I hear a series of loud squawks.  Looking up, I see a green parakeet, circling in the sky.  

So, Seb has returned to his land far away.  Miss him already.  When he’s here, it’s wonderful to be able to talk to him and cuddle him as much as I want: a huge human pet.  He doesn’t even scratch although he does produce a lot of mess.

Will have to finish watching Unforgiven on my own now: he had to leave before the end.  Don’t feel like watching it without him though.  Would prefer a nice murder.  Am going to watch Foyle’s War instead. 

Today’s Painventory:

1.  Earache: a cold must be on its way.  Again.

2.  Bum ache – From last week’s training.  Still.  As bad arm was swollen, did a lot of work on legs and bum.  Too much work, it seems.

3.  Knee pain – too much walking yesterday.  Also, pressing too much weight on leg press three times last week with Katerina.

4.  Scratchy throat.  Probably am coming-down-with-something.

On the plus side, there is an artichoke waiting at home.  Am going to cook him and eat him.  And some English asparagus.  

Saw this pretty little car near the office, photo attached.

Oh look, a message from Seb: “Just gave your favourite a stroke.  He sends a cuddle.”

That’s my fluffy monster’s uncle: he is a gorgeous Ragdoll cat with big blue eyes.  Ah I wish I was with them having a fluffy cuddle.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*2012.  By Abigail Houston.  Detective novel about some French chefs.

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