Deadly Election*

Polling Day here in the UK and it’s been exciting so far.  Up at 7.45am for Spin: “Spin election special: vote Fitness Party,” the instructor says.

It seems to be the Polling Station Selfie election on social media.  It’s more difficult than you’d think to take a photo of yourself with a “Polling Station” sign in the background.  Dumping all my bags on the ground, I fiddle with my phone.  

“Do you want me to take a photo of you?” One of the tellers says.  He’s gorgeous: tall, dark brown spiky hair,  posh voice.  He’s the Conservative one.  They’re all laughing and joking together, on their plastic chairs: Labour, Lib Dem, Tory and Green.  It’s a convivial atmosphere outside the school that’s my local polling station.

“Oh no, it’s OK, you’re busy,” I say, feeling foolish.  I’ve done that job in the past and it’s hard work.

“When I’ve got a minute,” he says, looking amused.  It’s probably my outfit: sunglasses, black gym trousers, leopard print coat, trainers.  

“It’s just seems to be a thing this year, the I’m-Voting-Photo,” I say.  “To get more people to vote or…”

“Well, it does seem to be very busy here today,” he says.  “I’ll look out for you on Facebook later then,” he says, smiling at me.

You don’t know who I am, I think.   But nice thought.

On the way to see the most beautiful and orange cat in the world.  Photo of him attached.  Haven’t seen my fluffy monster for so long.  Can’t wait to cuddle him.

Happy Thursday everyone!  Don’t forget to vote…

*2015.  By Lindsey Davis.  An Imperial-Rome-set detective novel starring Flavia Alba.


4 thoughts on “Deadly Election*

  1. I am lazy so opted for a postal vote which I posted several weeks ago. Actually, being blind its easier to have a postal vote than trying to find the polling station. I just asked a sighted colleague I trust implicitly to put a cross by the candidate of my choice. Did you cat confide in you how he will vote by the way? I never discuss politics with my guide dog as I wouldn’t want to fall out with him! Kevin

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