Trouble Is My Business*


1.  Cramp in left leg – down the side and around the knee, but on the inside – the inner knee.  No idea how/ why this has happened.

2.  Blocked nose: new allergy that am going to see a specialist about in three weeks, by which time it will probably have killed me.  Although have Epipen in handbag now, in case throat closes up again.  Must read its instructions so will know what to do BEFORE am having a fatal attack

3.  Lower back pain.  Read in article yesterday that we are not meant to sit on office chairs for hours on end.  When am actually in my Office there is little that can do about this, other than regular Chemist Breaks and a walk at lunchtime.

“What about a standing desk with a treadmill underneath?”  MadFatRunner says on the phone at lunchtime.

“Don’t think my boss would like it,” I say.  Am the one facing the door so am the first person that people see when they come in.  Can’t be running on a treadmill opposite the door.  It wouldn’t look mentally normal.

4.  Earache – hang on, maybe have a cold as well as this allergy then.  Earache usually means a cold is on its way.

On the plus side:

1.  Have two new artichokes in bag from the market.  Amuse self: bet this is the only dating blog with the tag #bloggingaboutartichokes.

2.  Seb’s present should arrive today.  Am excited.  Am imagining him opening it and his turquoise eyes lighting up as he realises what excellent taste I have in gifts.

“Don’t get your hopes up too much about the present,” I say on the phone last night.  “It’s just a couple of little things.”

“I never do,” Seb says.  “I never get my hopes up, so I’m never disappointed.”

“Well you can get your hopes up that you’ll see me soon,” I say.

“I wish you were here now,” Seb says.

“Me too darling,” I say.

3.  A huge excitement is happening tomorrow which can’t divulge at present but you will find out in due course.

4.  Tried on a dress at lunchtime that cost £89.  Had seen it in a magazine.  It looked horrible on me so have just saved £89 by not buying it.

5.  Saw this beautiful Land Rover on the way to the Office.  Photo attached.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*1950.  By Raymond Chandler.  Collection of four short stories starring Philip Marlowe.


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