The Sound And the Furry*

Ooooohhhhh the Day of Enormous Excitement has arrived.  Have been anticipating this event for actual Years: Fourteen whole Years.

Need to be at the Venue of Amazingnosity at 6pm.

“Please don’t worry about being early as it doesn’t start till 6.45 and I won’t be there till 6 and I don’t want you hanging around waiting,” the message comes through from my cousin.  She is facilitating the Evening of Joy.  

Unlike my darling Seb, just can’t help getting my hopes up.  And of course there’s a part of me thinking it might be boring and terrible and uncomfortable and a waste of two hours.  But if one can’t get excited about things, there’s not much point in being alive, whether you’ve got six months left to live or forty more years.

And, whilst we’re in a lather of Excitement there’s another good thing.  Rafa is playing at Queens for the first time in four years and am going to see him and cuddle him all over.  On Monday.  Well, they might not let me touch him but they can’t stop me being near him.  If he’s playing on Monday.

“England’s win at Edgbaston was their biggest ever victory in one-day cricket” the headline scrawls across the bottom of Sky News on the television in front of me.  Am pedalling on the exercise bike at the gym.  Katerina is not here.  She’s training for her fight.  She does Mixed Martial Arts and is terrifying: a big chap sparring with her was so scared that he was sick all over the floor.

Am wearing my fat-burning-shorts and  they are making me sweat.  A lot.  

Seb’s present still hadn’t arrived yesterday.  Hope it gets there today…

Home from the gym and am watching Me and My Guide Dog from last night.  Having a little snuffle about how amazing assistance dogs are.  This one, Lucas, is looking after his owner who is a radio presenter.  He is going to walk her down the aisle.  She is so beautiful and brave.

Attached cat barge lives near the office.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*2013.  By Spencer Quinn.  A Chet and Bernie mystery.  They’re the best canine/ human private investigation team in the business apparently.


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