A Hell Of A Dog*

“Hello,” I say to the Akita and his owner.  We’re at my pub: where I used to bring the chaps on all those dates last year.

“Hi,” the owner says.

“He’s amazing,” I say.  “What’s his name?”

“He’s called Onyx,” the owner says.  He’s a skinny chap and Onyx himself is a large person.  Beautiful of course.  He’s in the attached photo.
“How old is he?” I say.

“He’s five,” the owner says.

“Am I allowed to say hello to him?” I say.

“Yes.  He might be a bit shy,” the owner says.

Reaching my hand out, Onyx approaches me.  He sniffs my hand.

The other dogs around start barking.  There’s a couple of toy poodles and a Pomeranian and a chihuahua and they know who’s boss.

“I wouldn’t,” Mum says, looking at the Pomeranian who is barking at Onyx from inside a quilted Chanel handbag.

“You’d be a nice snack for him,” I say to the Pom.

“It’s lovely to meet Onyx,” I say to his owner.  “I’ve got a couple of good Akita friends but I haven’t seen them for ages and…”

“He’s a sweetie,” the owner says.

Onyx gazes up at me.  He’s so amazing.

“Thank you,” I say.

“This is nice,” I say to Mum as we look at the menu.  “Was feeling a bit sad last night – about not coming here on my dates anymore.  And here we are.”

“Sad about not going on dates?” Mum says.  “But you’ve got a lovely boyfriend.”

“Yes, and I adore him,” I say, “but I don’t see him that often.  And I miss him.  Used to love coming here everyday last summer: all those dates, meeting all those chaps and…well – it’s nice to be here now.”

“Let’s get a glass of wine,” Mum says.

Happy Thursday everyone!
*1999.  By Carol Lea Benjamin.  Murder mystery set at a dog training symposium.

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