Flowers For Her Grave*

“Do you think I’m too old for these,” I say to Seb as we walk past a market stall selling silk flower headbands.  Seb has come to my Office to take me out to lunch before he returns home this evening.

Have been thinking about these flower headbands since first noticed them around in the spring.  And yet:

1.  Hair still not that long.  And surely they are a long-hair-ornament.

2.  Am not going to be wearing floaty skirts and drifting around declaiming poetry in manner of Elfine Starkadder in Cold Comfort Farm.  So don’t need flower headband anyway.

3.  Alice bands cause headaches and the string ones are, well, made of twine.  Wrapped around wires.

4.  Really don’t need more stuff.

“They’re charming,” Seb says, smiling at me with those enormous turquoise eyes.

“Let me show you how to wear one,” a voice says.  Turning round, I see that the owner of the stall has homed in on us.  No doubt she’s marked me down as Persuadable.  

Picking up a twine headband with coffee-coloured silk flowers, she places it gently over my hair.  

“Wow,” I say, looking in the mirror.  Am transformed into a glamorous Twenties siren – with the addition of this simple accessory.  It’s not even uncomfortable.

“Or there’s this one,” she says, showing us one with cream silk violets.

“What about the pink and orange one,” I say, pointing to it.

“As lurid as possible, basically,” Seb says, putting his arm round me and laughing.

“I’m afraid that’s a different design,” she says.  The flowers are mounted on an Alice band and can see that it will be uncomfortable.

“Oh, this one then,” I say, picking another elasticated twine band out of the basket in the centre of the table.  It has periwinkle blue silk lilies attached to it.

“Perfect,” Seb says when I try it on.  “That suits you my darling.  They all do.  You do look sweet.”

It’s three-for-ten-pounds so end up with the coffee, white and blue ones.

“I’m going to throw this one in for free,” the stall owner says, picking up a twine-and-wire band decorated with orange, yellow and pink silk pansies.

“Wow, thank you,” I say.  “My favourite colours.”  

Am touched.  This headband is a more expensive one, from the two-for-ten-pounds section.

So now have four headbands-with-flowers-attached.  And, of course, two more artichokes.  Excellent.

The attached passionflower lives near my Office.

Happy Tuesday everyone!
*2011.  By Judy Clemens.  Book 3 in the Grim Reaper Mystery series, starring Casey and her sidekick, Death.

When the Grim Reaper is your only constant companion, life can be strange. That’s how it is for Casey Maldonado, heroine of Judy Clemens’ Grim Reaper series. Death and Casey have been constant companions since Casey’s husband and son were killed in a car accident that Casey managed to survive.”


4 thoughts on “Flowers For Her Grave*

  1. Not really into fashion, someone usually has to tell me that something I am wearing is out of fashion! If I like it I wear it…my poor wife.

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  2. My hair seemed to take forever to grow back after chemo. Last summer it was sooo short, now one year later I have a head full of curls sitting on my shoulders. Headbands don’t suit me though:-( be patient your crowning glory will soon return.

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