Murder Every Monday*

“It’s strange,” Seb says as we walk from the bus stop to my Office, “remembering the time when I lived here.  It was a difficult time – I was in a bad mental state.”  We’ve just passed the road where he was living when we met ten years ago.

“I wasn’t,” I say.  “I was in a good period of my life: about to start my Creative Writing M.A and we were together and…”

“I’m not saying I didn’t have some fun  times round here with you,” Seb says, pulling me closer to him.  “I just mean that I was a bit of a mess then.  I feel so different now.  I’m really happy.”

He nuzzles my neck.

“Good,” I say, as we pass the dodgy park.  “I’m glad that you’re happy, darling.  I’m happy too.”

There is a light drizzle in the air as we turn into the road just before the Office.  The pub on the corner has the most fabulous display of shocking pink petunias and orange begonias.  Photo attached.

“Have a good day at work,” Seb says, as we reach the door of my Office.

“You too,” I say, kissing him.

Have found some artichokes in the market and can’t wait to get home and cook them.

Happy Monday everyone!
*1954.  By Pamela Branch.  Detective novel.


3 thoughts on “Murder Every Monday*

  1. Have you watched Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, filmed and set in Melbourne in 1928? We just discovered it on Netflix and have enjoyed the first few eps. It seems like a show you’d enjoy: fairly elegant plots, sometimes funny, lots of period piece eye candy.

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