The Bumblebee Flies Anyway*

No messages from Seb since Saturday.  Maybe his phone has been drowned in the rain.  Or sucked dry by leeches.  Hope he will send a message soon.  Am missing him.  There’s no point in worrying about it, I tell myself.  He will be in touch.  Must hold on to this thought.

The panther dozes on the swinging chair.  It’s his nap time.  He’s so shiny in the sunlight.  My nap time too but I’m awake as need to get my toenails done soon.  Will sleep on my return.

Am sitting in the parental garden for a few minutes.  It is sunny.  The fluffy monster is out patrolling neighbouring gardens.  Can hear crows caw and wood pigeons coo.  Bumble bees wander over the echinops – see attached photo.  A cabbage white flutters across the garden.  

Annoyances – both huge and tiny – clamour to control my thoughts but I push them away.  Am just going to enjoy these few minutes of late summer.  Nothing is going to stop me appreciating this moment.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
*1983.  By Robert Cormier.  Young adult novel.


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