The Beauty Of Murder*

“Would you like a little wheelie suitcase?” Mum says as we sit having our lunch.  “I’ll ask your father to get it down from the loft and…”

“No, it’s OK,” I say.  “I’ve got that weekend bag, it’s…”

“This is a tiny little one,” Mum says.  “It’s better – you don’t have to carry it.”

“OK,” I say, feeling excited.  Have always wanted one of those.

Dad produces it and it is So Sweet.  Can’t wait to pack it and wheel it around…

Am going on an Expedition tomorrow. Must not forget:

1.  Phone charger.

2.  Train tickets which have printed out.

3.  Mental disorder drugs and cancer medication.

4.  Sleepwear.

5.  Contact lenses and their paraphernalia.

6.  Book to read on train.

7.  The correct clothing, whatever that is.  Not sure yet.

Now am going to have afternoon sleep and when wake up will need to:

1.  Cook artichoke.

2.  Have bath.

3.  Pack.

4.  Apply nail varnish to fingers.  At least toes look nice.

Attached photo is the fluffy monster.  Managed a couple of excellent cuddles with him before being torn away from him to return to the flat.

Happy Thursday everyone! 
*2014.  By A.K. Benedict.  A time-travel murder mystery.

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