Murder Grins And Bears It*

At the pub that I used to frequent on my dates last year.  Waiting for a couple of friends.  Over there are a wolf and a Labrador.  They are leaving, so my friends may miss seeing the wolf.  Which is a shame.

It’s still hot and dry.  We could be in Egypt.

Must think of some things to talk to my chums about:

1.  The weather.  How hot it is.  Can ask them how long they think the nice weather will continue.

2.  The amazing dog who met at the weekend.

3.  The Natural World that watched earlier about Ghost bears in the Great Bear Rainforest in Western Canada.  The wolves there eat the bears!

Still no message from Seb.  Am pleased with self that am out and about though.  Haven’t washed again and am wearing the dress that was travelling in yesterday, but at least am meeting some other humans.

Happy Sunday everyone!
*2007.  By Deb Baker.  Detective novel.


6 thoughts on “Murder Grins And Bears It*

  1. What kind of dog was the wolf? Some kind of German Shepherd? I have heard of a wolf sanctuary, I think in Cornwall but I could be wrong, where people can take the wolves for a walk. Apparently if the wolf comes up to you and sniffes everything is OK. Kevin

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