Murder On Black Friday*

Friday Favourites (sorry to copy you Hannah Gale

1.  Cuddling the Keeshond in the attached photo on his sofa.

2.  Whilst watching House Of Cards.  At last.  It’s good.

3.  Walking with this fluffy person in the woods and meeting his friend, a Finnish Lapphund:  

4.  Partaking of mulled wine with Mr Fluffball in the pub, with brother and his friend.  They gave him some treats and brother’s lovely chum brought a charger so was even able to charge phone.
5.  Eating nut roast, quinoa, spinach, yoghurt, cottage cheese, spinach, soya beans.  Hungry.

6.  Drinking Sprite Zero.

7.  At long last, posting a review of Jane Thynne’s Faith and Beauty on Goodreads.

8.  Anticipating Friday night dinner with parentals and brother.

9.  Watching the fluffy-trousered person resting and feeling chilled:

10.  Admiring his wildlife-filled Christmas tree.  There’s a snowy owl at the top:
 There is also a goat:

11.  Admiring his owners’ well-stocked bookshelves.

12.  And their television.

13.  This is the best day of work ever.

14.  Even better: they are grateful to me for helping them when am spending the day cuddling their dog whilst they are out at their offices!

15.  Watching him snooze, curled up cat-like next to me on the sofa.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2010.  By Patricia Ryan.  Nell Sweeney mystery series Book 4.


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